IAL: Algorithmic, or Algebraic?

I'm sure I remember my father calling IAL "International Algorithmic Language," and Norm just told me (in 2016) that he thinks it's "algorithmic," but I see that both Jules' article and Wikipedia's ALGOL-58 entry call it "International Algebraic Language." According to this master's thesis on the history of ALGOL, the first report on IAL did indeed call it "algebraic."

It's easy to see both names out there on the interwebs, however. I bet there was some confusion at the time -- many of the references out there (like the aforementioned master's thesis) say that the International Algebraic Language was developed as a universal algorithmic language, and the ultimate name of the thing is a cute, all-caps shortening of "algorithmic language," fer cryin' out loud!

I personally think that "algorithmic" makes a more sense. But more to the point, Ed and Norm both said "algorithmic," so that what I'm going with, Jules' paper and Wikipedia be damned! :-)