Package com.hdcookbook.grin.features

Class Summary
Assembly An assembly is a feature composed of other features.
Box Display text.
Clipped Represents a clipped version of another feature.
Fade Modifies a child feature by applying an alpha value when drawing in it.
FixedImage Represents a fixed image.
Group Represents a group of features that are all activated at the same time.
GuaranteeFill Guarantees that its children will completely fill a given rectangle on the screen with source-mode drawing.
ImageSequence An image sequence does "cell" animation.
InterpolatedModel An InterpolatedModel is a feature that controls one or more integer factors, and interpolates their values according to keyframes.
Modifier Abstract base class for features that modify a single child feature.
SetTarget Causes its child use a different target in its RenderContext.
SrcOver Causes its child to be painted in SRC_OVER mode, that is, with graphic-to-graphics alpha blending.
Text Display text.
Translator A Translator wraps other features, and adds movement taken from a translator model (represented at runtime by an InterpolatedModel) to it.