Class ReportFromTassDatabase

  extended bycom.sun.billf.tass.ReportFromTassDatabase

public class ReportFromTassDatabase
extends java.lang.Object

This class reports on the APIs used by the set of applications reflected within a TassDatabase. It generates a report of how many applications use each package, each class, and each class member. It just needs to be invoked with with the name of a .tdb TASS database file, and it will always create all three reports.

Optionally, this program can also be invoked with a .zip file containing the .class files that define a platform. If this is given, the reports will indicate if references are to platform-defined elements or not. Further, an indication of references to a superclass definition of a method is given.

See the usage message for details on command-line arguments.

Constructor Summary
ReportFromTassDatabase(TassDatabase db)
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
 void reportClassUsage()
 void reportMemberUsage()
 void reportPackageUsage()
static void usage()
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Constructor Detail


public ReportFromTassDatabase(TassDatabase db)
Method Detail


public void reportPackageUsage()


public void reportClassUsage()


public void reportMemberUsage()


public static void usage()


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)