Class MergeTassDatabases

  extended bycom.sun.billf.tass.MergeTassDatabases

public class MergeTassDatabases
extends java.lang.Object

This little main program will merge two or more TASS databases into a single database. It keeps track of which application is responsible for each reference using a hierarchical numbering scheme. For example, assume company X generates a tass database. In this database, run 42 generated a reference R. If this database is the second one merged into the merged database, reference R will be identified with "2.42" internally.

To use this, just invoke it with the name of the merged database first, and one or more databases to merge into it. It will always add entries to a database, so don't merge the same database in twice. There's no way to remove entries from a database; one must remove the database and build it back up from scratch.

See the usage message for details on command-line arguments.

Bill Foote

Constructor Summary
MergeTassDatabases(TassDatabase db)
Method Summary
 void addDatabase(java.lang.String dbFileName)
          This must only be called after the database is initialized
 int getTrackingNumber()
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
static void usage()
          Print a usage message describing the command-line arguments.
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Constructor Detail


public MergeTassDatabases(TassDatabase db)
Method Detail


public static void usage()
Print a usage message describing the command-line arguments. Running this program with no arguments (or invalid arguments) will produce this message.


public int getTrackingNumber()


public void addDatabase(java.lang.String dbFileName)
This must only be called after the database is initialized



public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)