Interface Node

All Known Implementing Classes:
ActivatePartCommand, ActivateSegmentCommand, Assembly, Box, Clipped, CommandRCHandler, Fade, FixedImage, FontStripText, GrinXHelper, Group, GuaranteeFill, ImageSequence, InterpolatedModel, Playlist, ResetFeatureCommand, SEActivatePartCommand, SEActivateSegmentCommand, SEAssembly, SEBox, SEClipped, SECommandList, SECommandRCHandler, SEFade, SEFixedImage, SEFontStripText, Segment, SEGrinXHelper, SEGroup, SEGuaranteeFill, SEImageSequence, SEInterpolatedModel, SEMenuAssembly, SEPlaylist, SEResetFeatureCommand, SEScalingModel, SESegment, SESegmentDoneCommand, SESetTarget, SESetVisualRCStateCommand, SESrcOver, SESyncDisplayCommand, SEText, SETimer, SETranslator, SETranslatorModel, SetTarget, SetVisualRCStateCommand, SEVisualRCHandler, SrcOver, Text, Translator, VisualRCHandler

public interface Node

Defines methods needed to construct Show from a binary file. All show elements (Segments, Features, Commands, RCHandlers) that are constructed from the binary file are expected to implement this interface.

See also the SENode interface for JavaSE-based tools.

Method Summary
 void readInstanceData(GrinDataInputStream in, int length)
          Reads in this node information from the binary file format.

Method Detail


void readInstanceData(GrinDataInputStream in,
                      int length)
Reads in this node information from the binary file format.

An implementation of this method is recommended to call in.readSuperClassData(this) as the first line of the method to read in information that is defined in the base class of this Node type.

This should only be called while initializing this object.

in - InputStream to read data from.
length - the number of bytes that this node's information occupies in the InputStream. The implementation of this method is expected to read exactly this number of bytes from the stream. This can be used for a debugging purpose.
Throws: - if error occurs.
See Also:
GrinDataInputStream.readSuperClassData(Feature), GrinDataInputStream.readSuperClassData(RCHandler), GrinDataInputStream.readSuperClassData(Segment), GrinDataInputStream.readSuperClassData(Command)