com.hdcookbook.grin GRIN - GRaphical INteractivity, a framework for presentation of visual and other assets for BD-J and other GEM-based TV platforms.
com.hdcookbook.grin.animator This package contians a framework for managing the main animation loop for an xlet.
com.hdcookbook.grin.binaryconverter This package contains a program that compiles a show file.
com.hdcookbook.grin.features This package contains classes representing parts of features, e.g.
com.hdcookbook.grin.fontstrip This package and its subpackages contains the optional fontstrip extension.
com.hdcookbook.grin.input This package contains classes used to build GRIN show nodes. PLAYER GRIN EXTENSION
com.hdcookbook.grin.test This package contains some support for testing GRIN.
com.hdcookbook.grin.test.bigjdk This package contains support for testing GRIN on "big JDK," more formally known as Java SE.
com.hdcookbook.grinxlet This directory contains the GrinXlet API for Java SE/Grinview.