Package com.hdcookbook.grin.util

Interface Summary
SetupClient This interface is implemented by things in GRIN that want to get called by the setup manager thread, to do things like load images.

Class Summary
AssetFinder This class serves two functions.
BitStreamIO This contains utility methods to help read and write bit streams.
Debug Debugging support.
HeadlessManagedImage This class implements the ManagedImage contract for a headless Java program.
ImageManager This class manages a set of images.
IndexedSet<T> This class represents a set of objects of type T that are assigned indexes.
JsonIO This contains utility methods to read and write JSON-formatted objects.
ManagedFullImage A managed image that's loaded from its own image file (and not as a part of a mosaic).
ManagedImage An image that is managed by the GRIN utilities.
ManagedSubImage This represents an image that has been packed into a mosaic.
NetworkManager This class runs a thread that is used for communicating with a server via a socket.
Profile Profiling support.
Queue This class maintains a queue that avoids generating heap traffic.
SetupManager A SetupManager manages a low-priority thread that's used to set up GRIN features, by doing things like loading images.